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January 8, 2014

Pioneering exec to remain active in information industry





CIG is primarily focused on education, research, and information services companies. Under the same family stewardship since it was founded in 1971, CIG focuses on building companies for long-term success. Our portfolio companies employ more than 2,100 people in over 70 offices worldwide.

CIG has been operating in the information services industry for over 35 years. Our companies provide leading information solutions across multiple industries including higher education, aviation, and publishing. Serving over 30,000 institutions worldwide, virtually every college and university located in North America has at least one product or service from a CIG company.

CIG has two primary areas of focus in the education industry-art and music. Masters and post-graduate level degrees are offered in art business and other specialties through the Sotheby’s Institutes of Art. Bach to Rock (B2R), is a system of music schools based on innovative teaching methods and the belief that learning music should be fun.

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