CIG was founded in 1971 by Robert N. Snyder and Philip E. Hixon. Its initial holdings were CSA, Disclosure Incorporated (sold in 1987 to VNU, the Dutch publishing conglomerate), and National Standards Association (sold in 1993 to Information Handling Services, Inc.). After the sale of National Standards, the Snyder family became the sole owners of CIG.

CSA was founded in the late 1950’s, and became part of the CIG family in 1971. CSA’s original mission was publishing secondary source materials relating to the physical sciences. Completely reorganized in 1993, its focus changed to Internet distribution and expanding beyond the life and physical sciences to encompass social sciences, arts and the humanities and technology.

In February 2007, CIG closed the acquisition of ProQuest Information and Learning, and combined this business with CSA. The new company, ProQuest, is a leading provider of higher education, scholarly and academic content to the library research community, serving more than 30,000 institutional customers worldwide.

CIG purchased R.R. Bowker from Reed Elsevier in mid-2001 retaining all of Bowker’s key management and most of its employees thus ensuring continued high standards in the sales, editorial, data maintenance and product development departments. In July 2002, Bowker acquired Pubnet, an electronic commerce service that allows booksellers to order titles directly from publishers and wholesalers. PubEasy, a UK company acquired in January 2003, enables booksellers to make inquiries and place orders directly into publishers’ fulfillment systems via the Internet. Bowker acquired Monument Information Resources, the leading provider of textbook sales data for the higher education marketplace in 2004, and Medialab Solutions in 2007. Medialab Solutions is the developer of the Aqua Browser Library, a library catalog search tool that connects to any number of data sources.

In 2001, CIG formed RefWorks with other professionals in the information industry, providing the first web-based bibliographic management service. Now part of ProQuest, RefWorks provides users with a simple-to-use online tool to capture, organize, store, share, and manipulate data generated by multiple information resources.

In late 2003, CIG entered into its first educational service business in partnership with Sotheby’s, Inc. with the purchase of Sotheby’s Institute of Art— London. The Institute offers MA and PhD degrees and undergraduate study abroad programs in art scholarship, connoisseurship and art business. In June of 2005, CIG purchased Sotheby’s Institute of Art – New York, and combined the two institutions to create the Sotheby’s Institute of Art, which is the leading source of education focusing on careers in both the American and international art world. In 2007, the Institute added a campus in Singapore.

In December 2006, David Levy joined CIG as President, CIG Education Group with oversight responsibilities for Sotheby’s Institute of Art, and a new venture titled Bach to Rock (B2R). B2R, beginning in the Greater Washington, D.C. region, is developing a national chain of music schools designed for students of all ages. Its approach is based on innovative teaching concepts that couple individual instruction with ensemble/band performance, and the notion that students learn best when they play the music they know and enjoy the most.

CIG is also the largest shareholder in Navtech, Inc., a provider of dispatch and crew planning software to airlines. In late 2005, Navtech purchased the European Aeronautical Group (EAG) from SAS to create the leading private supplier of flight operations information and services. CIG led the investment and arranged the financing to enable the acquisition.

CIG has consistently demonstrated the ability to grow through internally financed acquisitions. Under its leadership CIG and its operating companies added product lines and technology resources, diversified and expanded in new directions.